Pro-curo is a new, off the shelf sample tracking and management solution offered by Planer.  The software package is designed to be quick, easy and intuitive to use. With graphical and list views, bar-coding & label printing to compatibility with iPads and mobile devices, it is an affordable, simple choice for small to large labs -  from one site to dozens! This new software should gradually replace our KryoTrak software, giving users a new and more user friendly experience.

No intense training is required to use the software. As well as having the Planer team and distributors there to support you, there are on-line videos plus the dedicated Pro-curo Software ltd team with a 24/7 telephone help desk, internet forums, blogs and other social media feeds.  With over 120 users in 2013, and testimonials to back up its benefits, decision making for storage software has just got easier!


The Pro-curo system has the ability to create labels with bar-coded information on them and can easily integrate with standard labelling solutions. On top of this it also has the ability to integrate with flatbed scanners - whether single or multiple readers. It also has the ability to import current sample information so there should be no worries about having to re-enter sample information.

Although Pro-curo is an off the shelf package we realise that your use of the software will be unique. Backed by us and Pro-curo Software ltd, you will have the ability to design and customise your own location structure to suit your facility, define the information you want to include about your samples by project and even add your own mass measurement types.

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