Monitor CO2 and  temperature  and  LN2  and more ! ReAssure

Our new solution gives you a secure and scalable data solution for the whole lab environment.
You can monitor temperature, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen levels and more, all with a minimal IT footprint and a minimal IT support overhead.

ReAssure lets you access your data anywhere via a PC, a tablet or phone. It has an intuitive and simple user interface and a range of unique sensor options.

In addition to a range of traditional sensor options, with ReAssure you can also include unique features: a new per chamber CO2 monitoring for Benchtop Incubators like our BT 37; a brand new fluorescent based pH sensor; connection to controllers, like the TEC 3000 or new Cryofill unit.

Using the compliant storage option in ReAssure helps take the pain out of those visits from the auditor; it reports all alarm events, with any associated comments you want to put in. You can also graph multiple parameters over time which makes compliance easier but it also helps your job: for example it makes it easier to predict potential failure events all via simple "at the touch of a button" controls.

So - more time for real IVF and less time worrying!

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