iPad Mini ComptitionAre you feeling lucky? You've a good chance of winning an iPad mini in our quick competition to introduce our new monitoring system.
This new monitoring and alarm solution, ReAssure, is made for large and small labs. On the iPad Mini - which by the way is one of the many devices one can view the monitoring data on - you can for example show:

  • Scalable, secure and compliant monitoring - from 1 to a 1000 laboratory devices
  • New sensor options, including per chamber CO2 monitoring for benchtop incubators
  • New Fluorescent based pH sensing for large incubators
  • Integration of cryogenic vessel controllers e.g. TEC3000 and Cryofill
  • Single click exception reporting of alarm events and associated annotations

To find out more, visit http://reassuredemo.planer.co.uk using the log in details below or get in touch!
Username: Guest  Password: PASSWORD
And for your chance to win that iPad Mini, please click on the link below to answer the few simple questions! www.planer.com/ipad-mini-quiz

You can visit us at the upcoming ESHRE conference in London (7th-10th July)  at Booth B114 and the winner will be announced after the show. Good Luck!


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Geoffrey Planer  
Nick Pattenden
30/06/2013 13:10

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