Planer Gas MixerImproved cost effectiveness and flexibility for benchtop incubator users with the new tri-gas mixer option.

Planer, the leading manufacturer of environmental control solutions for life science, today announces a commercial partnership with Okolab of Naples in Italy, for the distribution of their Bold Line Tri Gas Mixer. This device, which is already used in a variety of gas controlling applications, gives users flexibility on choice of gas supply and adjustment of culture conditions. It complements Planer's BT37 benchtop incubator.

Using the gas mixer in combination with a benchtop incubator gives a user two principle benefits. Firstly, there is more flexibility over the culture environment and the ability to accurately modify component gas composition and secondly, users are able to use more cost effective and available component gases as opposed to premixed gas. The Bold Line Tri Gas mixer combines Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide  and Air as component gases according to user defined percentages, and for example, can supply up to four attached benchtop incubators. Users can adjust the percentage composition to get the best possible culture environment. With the option of incorporating pre-mixed gas input for backup and dynamic calibration, the unit can be used with a variety of benchtop units, including the Planer BT37.

Dr Luca Lanzaro, Founder of Okolab Srl, commented “We have invested a great deal of time in the development of our Bold Line gas mixer and as a result, we now have a reliable and easy to use solution for the accurate control of gas composition. This 'best in class' solution, combined with Planer's significant experience regarding environmental control and monitoring, has the potential to be a real game changer.”

Geoffrey Planer, Chairman of Planer Plc added “We are delighted to be working with Okolab – who have demonstrated a proven ability to provide solutions to life science which are innovative, reliable and needed. The gas mixer is a perfect complement to our BT37 and promises to give users much more choice and flexibility in the future.”

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