Planer solutions used at State-of-the-Art training FacilityPlaner, leading manufacturer of environmental control and monitoring solutions for life sciences, is pleased to announce the inclusion of their pioneering controlled rate freezers and benchtop incubators at the new Origio  “IVF” Training Laboratory in Måløv, Denmark.

This recently opened prestige facility at Origio's headquarters includes a fully equipped, functioning laboratory dedicated to providing training for the latest techniques in assisted reproduction technology (ART). Demonstrations of the new instrumentation and seminars on best practice techniques are given there. Using bovine materials, Origio's Training Laboratory provides a rare opportunity for scientists to gain hands on experience for a wide variety of ART applications.

Included in the array of state of the art reagents and equipment used is the Planer BT-37 benchtop incubator. Since the product's introduction in 2009, in has been installed in some 500 in vitro fertilisation laboratories around the world. Offering unparalleled environmental control and stability to enable embryo growth, the BT-37 is becoming the incubator of choice for embryologists everywhere.

The Training Facility also includes the latest controlled rate freezer (CFR) from Planer. These types of machines have been used for 40 years for the cryopreservation of reproductive tissues and were used in the first successful frozen human embryo IVF procedure in 1984; they remain the most proven and established method for the cryopreservation of high value biological material.

Dave Morris, Sales Director of Planer comments “We are delighted that Origio have our equipment. They are established as a trusted vendor in the IVF market and we are more than happy that our best-in-class equipment is being used at a best-in-class Training Laboratory".

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