DATAcentre TrainingWe recently welcomed Distributors from Canada to learn more about the DATACentre range - our old friends Diamed from near Toronto and a new face - Somagen Diagnostics based in Edmonton, Alberta. Andrew Johnson  attended from Diamed and representing Somagen was Marcus Crombie - pictured here. They were joined by our Dutch distributors CryoSolutions for part of the time.

The DATACentre is our stand alone monitoring and alarm system for labs  An  economical system, it can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, O2, door status -  and more. It connects to up to 120 wireless sensors. Real time and historical data can be viewed in graphical or text format and alarms can be acknowledged and managed. Optionally the system may also be connected directly to a PC or to a LAN port in the building and we then offer further data management solutions.

We don't like our guests to leave without a taste of good English food and Nick Pattenden organised a trip to Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton (

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