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We hope all you ESHRE visitors had a safe and pleasant journey home after a busy, but enjoyable few days in Istanbul. This year's conference proved another success for both vendors and delegates alike and once again represented a real 'United Nations' of Embryology, with attendees from, amongst other places, Syria, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago. The Planer stand seemed permanently busy with our new monitoring solutions generating a lot of interest. Items of particular note were the 'attachable ribbon' probes - which allow temperature monitoring of bench top incubators lacking access ports; also as monitors for up to 120 dewars.

The wireless monitoring solution, DATAcentre, attracted attention from all over the globe and everyone felt that the new Log2Box addition, which provides off site secure and compliant storage of monitoring data, should make lives a lot easier. The automatic storage of monitoring data and associated annotations gives you more time for you day job!.

The BT37 bench top incubator proved a big draw, with some users commenting on significant improvements in success rates since its introduction. And despite the growing popularity of vitrification, Planer's beloved controlled rate freezers continue to generate interest as a proven and repeatable means of cryopreservation.

To find out more, please drop us a line.

We look forward to seeing you all next year in London, where the traffic will be as bad, but the weather not so hot!

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