Incubator Sales in ChinaThe photo shows some of the first of our bench top incubators in China. Six units were recently installed by our distributor Origio in a clinic - which also has our Assure liquid nitrogen and temperature monitoring system. These sorts of bench top incubators are increasingly seen as providing a more precise environment than the conventional larger ones in assisted reproduction laboratories. Our smaller, specialist incubators keep the cells at optimal temperature, humidity and gas content and give pH stability and regulated humidity.

With some forty million people in China affected by fertility problems, couples there are increasingly turning to IVF and more than ten million people are classified officially as in need of fertilisation assistance - the Xinhua news agency.

The technology of Assisted Reproduction started in earnest in China some two decades ago and patient numbers have soared. Figures reported from Peking University No 3 Hospital, the location of China's first test tube birth, show 3,500 patients were treated in 2008 and 5,000 in 2009. Patient numbers allegedly have been growing by around 50% pa in some other hospitals. The Chinese authorities have licensed IVF practice at over 200 clinics and the statistics from the Ministry of Health show more than 3,000 ART babies conceived through in vitro fertilisation have been born in China since that first successful case in 1988.

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