Planer Kryo 560Located in Amsterdam, the Sanquin Foundation is responsible for blood supplies throughout The Netherlands. Operating on a not for profit basis, Sanquin delivers products and services, conducts scientific investigation and provides education and in-service training. The organisation also carries out research and develops new products for therapeutic, diagnostic and research use.  Our Benelux distributor, Cryo Solutions, have just received an order to equip the new freezing room for the Sanquin Stem Cell laboratory.

The installation comprises a direct liquid nitrogen supply, vacuum insulated piping from a bulk tank, pressure vessel and two Planer 560 controlled rate computer freezers.  Cryo Solutions developed a system to includes a ‘dead man’s switch’ for filling open dewars where the liquid nitrogen supply only remains open whilst the switch a pressed down - making it an extremely safe system.

The controlled rate freezers will be used for stem cell transplantation in the new GMP laboratory, within the Research division of Sanquin. All the research within this division is related to aspects of blood and blood transfusion and the division employs around 300 scientists. The stem cell laboratory serves both academic and non-academic hospitals and is actively involved in the development of new (stem) cell products for clinical trials in the areas of translational research and cellular therapies. Sanquin have extensive experience with the processing, cryopreservation and storage of hematopoietic stem cell products and offer tailored solutions for the generation of cellular products for clinical trials.

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