Kitazato range of vitrification and other IVF products now available from Planer 

Kitazato, one of the leading manufacturers for human assisted reproduction treatments products, is recognised as being at the cutting edge in the research and development of new devices and techniques to combat infertility. We, at Planer, are therefore delighted to be partnered with Kitazato to sell their vitrification, microtools, media and needles and catheters ranges throughout the UK.

Kitazato is seen as one of the pioneering brands in driving and improving vitrification. Its greatest contribution in this field has been the development of the renowned Cryotop® Method, the global leader in the vitrification of oocytes and embryos, at all stages of development.

Planer now distributes four key Kitazato ranges in the UK

The Cryotop® Method, the global leader in vitrification of oocytes and embryos at all stages of development, achieves the highest survival rates on the market:

High quality micromanipulation pipettes that offer an accurate and precise manipulation of oocytes and sperm for ART and PGT:-

A range of high quality culture media and paraffin oils to help maximise success with all laboratory procedures:-

Needles and Catheters
A wide variety of OPU Needles, IUI and embryo transfer catheters:-

Download our Assisted Conception Catalogue to find out more about the available Kitazato range


Assisted Conception Catalogue - see which Kitazato and Gynemed products are available in the UK through Planer 

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