The AVA Clinic in Latvia is part of a European network of infertility treatment clinics founded in 1993 and the Riga clinic, shown here, opened in 2005. The experienced Riga team get high success rates, and as they adhere strictly to ISO 9001:2008 the quality of the equipment they buy is very important. So we were honoured that they chose Planer equipment - incubators, monitoring and low oxygen alarms when they recently upgraded their lab. 

Shown here is the DATAcentre monitoring system on two incubators. This affordable system can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, Oxygen (O2), door status and more.  It can connect to up to 120 transmitters, including a mixture up to 120 wireless sensors or 14 hard wired sensors.  Real time and historical logged data can be viewed in graphical or text format and any alarms can be easily managed. Optionally the system may be connected directly to a PC or to a LAN port in the building.

Andris Grunskis is both an embryologist with AVA and the Quality Systems Manager (for ISO9001:2008 & EUTCD) and has worked at AVA since 2009. After our engineers had finished installing the system, Andris commented " ... the engineers were great! They fixed all our issues and now the DATAcentre seems to be performing flawlessly".

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