Planer plc today announces the availability of the new PetriSense monitoring system. It provides reliable, continuous monitoring of the critical parameter of carbon dioxide inside benchtop and big box incubators, providing clinicians with an early indication of potential changes in pH. 

Media pH is a critical parameter that affects the development of the embryos. Careful monitoring of pH levels during the culturing process is crucial as a change of as little as 0.1 is sufficient to impair human embryo growth.

The carbon dioxide, CO2, used within incubators is key to pH control. The surrounding growth media used in culturing, buffers pH and means changes in pH are seen later than changes in CO2. So CO2 monitoring can provide early warning of impending changes in pH so that corrective action can be taken earlier. This is what the new Petri Dish sensor does.

Traditional pH meters taking absolute measurements of pH in media can present users with issues concerning sterility and are subject to daily calibration. More recent sensors can give a direct pH reading continuously via identification of fluorescence changes of substrates. While overcoming sterility issues, these can be subject to drift — and they can be expensive and are not portable.

The Planer PetriSense sensor takes advantage of the relationship between CO2 and pH to provide a reliable continuous method for monitoring and early warning of both CO2 changes and hence related pH — overcoming the issues of portability, sterility, expense and drift.

The PetriSense product is launched by Planer at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual Meeting being held in Helsinki from 3th to 6th July 2016 on stand number C165.

More about the PetriSense CO2 monitor for Incubators

PetriSense options include the Portable Sense version for monitoring CO2, and hence pH, for short periods of time and a Fixed Sense version that can be added into most types of benchtop incubator. This can also be used as an independent alarm system or connected to a laboratory's own comprehensive monitoring and alarm facility to give 24 hour alerts.

Embryologists and researchers have strived to monitor CO2 or pH effectively and consistently within incubators for a number of years, but now the two PetriSense products provide the opportunity to monitor directly the CO2 and infer the pH continuously via a user-friendly, non-invasive system with its own easy to use logging software. 

Geoffrey Planer comments "Effective continuous CO2 monitoring is an essential next step in ensuring consistent IVF success rates, and we’re delighted to be launching this sensor as the first in our PetriSense range".

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