Storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures offers great security for the cryopreservation of biological samples. There is a wider temperature safety margin than at the usual -80°C, or even -150°C, available from mechanical freezers; storage below the Glass Transition Temperature of water allows optimum viability.

Liquid nitrogen vessels make no heat or noise and do not need three phase electricity or back-up generators.  -190°C liquid nitrogen freezers can use vapour phase storage technology to provide high levels of contamination security. They are ideal for biomedical preservation applications including assisted reproduction.

The MVE range of cryogenic freezers and aluminium dewars have been engineered for ultimate reliability and maximizing hold times at the ultra-low temperatures vital to the preservation of critical human and animal tissues and vaccines.

Planer are able to design, supply and maintain cryogenic storage and control systems of all sizes providing efficient and reliable systems to ensure your valuable samples are kept in the ideal environment for long term storage.


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