Laboratory at Sidra hospital, Qatar
In late 2018 Planer plc was awarded the contract for a DATAssure™ independent monitoring system in one of the largest IVF clinics in the Middle East, the Sidra Hospital, with its state of the art laboratory in Doha. The clinic expects to be responsible for around 15,000 IVF cycles per year.

The DATAssure™ system was installed in March 2019, when the Planer team had the task of installing over 200 sensors to many different types of equipment, including incubators, cryo tanks and heat plates. As the lab’s HVAC system was already online, the installation had to be completed without impacting the clean room environment and without causing any environmental changes to the VOC levels.

DATAssure independent monitoring at Sidra hospital, QatarThe installation was so large that it required two DATAssure™ base units and the Dialler unit. The first DATAssure™ base unit was solely for the numerous Planer BT37 benchtop incubators, while the second base unit was used to monitor all the other equipment within the lab. The installation was completed by two engineers over four days, despite much of the system configuration being done prior to shipment to the site.

On the final day, DATAssure™ training was delivered to the embryologists and lab staff who will be working at the facility. The system installed has created an intuitive monitoring system that is extremely easy to manage and expand if required. The Planer team left feeling very proud of the DATAssure™ system that they installed at the Sidra Hospital. Not only is this system one of the largest installations carried out by Planer, but that this state of the art facility now has a state of the art independent monitoring system with DATAssure™.

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