If Lucy Ing, Lab Manager at Primary IVF’s first clinic in Sydney Australia had to pick her favourite piece of equipment, it would have to be the ‘mini bench top incubators'. Why?

“Because they are home to the little embryos that grow in the lab. Being placed in the centre of the lab means that we walk past these incubators hundreds of times a day, keeping a close watchful eye on the embryos. They provide a safe home for the embryos and work to make an environment similar to how it would be in the female uterus. These incubators constantly glow a warm soothing green (what I like to always see) to indicate that all conditions are ideal and optimal for embryo growth. It also has in-built alarms to quickly alert us if something is slightly out of range, which is an important quality control measure.”

When setting up the Primary IVF labs the Scientific Director, Rosemarie Cullinan, thought carefully about the choice of incubators. “Having had experience with the Planer controlled rate freezers in the 1990s, a reliable workhorse, I had confidence that the BT37s would be built to the same high standard. The in-built battery was also a big plus for me. Along with the sleek design that suits our state-of-the-art laboratories!”

Primary IVF offers Australians IVF treatment through the Australian government Medicare system making IVF accessible and affordable for all Australians.

Since Primary IVF began operations in August 2014, an additional two labs have been established in Melbourne and Brisbane and over 600 babies have been born who started life in the BT37 incubators.

See a profile of Lucy Ing at https://primaryivf.com.au/2016/05/23/getting-know-team-profile-senior-scientist-lucy-ing/

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