At the second recent gathering of the Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction Conferences in February 2107, 163 lectures were presented by 46 international and Egyptian ART scientists - and attendance was close to 1900 attendees. The main theme was “translational research in ART: basic science to improve clinical practice” and the conference included four workshops. The program covered, from a new perspective, laboratory procedures including for culture media, incubator management, oocytes and embryo manipulation, pH impact and adjustment, quality control, vitrification, embryo selection and other topics.

Participants also had a look at the emerging technologies that may have future applications in ART, including gene editing, stem cell researches, and mitochondrial transfer.  For the first time in this area, the meeting conducted two consensus meetings that focused on controversial issues in the field; the first was to give some recommendations on laboratory air quality and environment and the resulting work will could be published September.

The next UEARC 2018 conference will be held in Cairo on February 21-23, 2018. 


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