Our Spanish Distributor in IVF for monitoring and alarm systems - BioCare - have recently launched our DATAcentre alarm and monitoring system in Spain into the IVF market.

BioCare started in 1997 carrying a wide range of products aimed at the needs of IVF centres . They aim to support customers through all steps with consulting services, training and after-sales assistance. The photo shows the DataCentre on their stand at the recent Congreso Nacional, Sociedad Española de Fertilidad exhibition. Alongside are the LN2 temperature sensors that ensure samples are stored at the right temperature within dewars.

The DataCentre is a simple and reliable wireless monitoring solution specifically designed for all equipment in an IVF lab - including Liquid Nitrogen dewars.

The sensor is attached to a stainless steel band which is formed to follow the internal contours of the dewar and is positioned between existing canisters. This means no cork drilling or strapping of sensors to canisters so installation can be done in situ without disrupting samples. And the transmitters stick on to dewars so you cables do not end up going to the wall! The batteries can last for up to seven years!
We also offer sensors to monitor temperature, CO2, 'door openings' of incubators, and flat temperature sensors for benchtop incubators, alarm outputs for lab equipment as well as room temperature/humidity and O2 monitoring ... and more.

The DATAcentre comes with an LCD screen, visible, audible and email alarms, and with outputs to allow connection to an optional auto-dialler to make phone calls or raise SMS alarms, and allow remote access so that data is always accessible. Optional repeater modules are available to increase the transmission range if the standard 100m is not strong within a lab (1000m in clear line of sight).

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