Petri pHpH remains an unforgiving biological parameter which is difficult and expensive to measure in established culture systems. The new Petri dish pH sensor provide a flexible and cost effective option to determining both CO2 and pH – find out how it works.

A new way to measure pH/CO2 anywhere, and in anything.

The new Petri dish pH sensor from Planer allows users to measure both CO2 and predict the pH of established culture systems.

The small sensor size (equivalent to a 35mm petri dish) combined with an ultra thin ribbon cable allows measurement of CO2 levels in benchtop incubators, environmental chambers and large incubators.

Using the established relationship between CO2 and pH, combines with characteristics of both the culture media and growth conditions, accurate pH values can be predicted without the expense or inconvenience of traditional methods.

Available as a fixed point sensor or portable validation device, the Petri dish pH sensor provide flexibility and innovation to ensure optimal growth conditions.


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