Oocyte Retrieval Needles (OPU)

Needles designed to maximise control and patient comfort

Oocyte Retrieval Needles spec. sheet

Manufactured from high quality steel , its triple cut tip provides fast and easy puncture, minimising damage to the ovarian tissue.
The excellent control of the puncture allows the operation time to be reduced, retrieving oocytes in the best possible conditions.

The 'Thin Wall' technology incorporated in the needle allows a needle with a much smaller external diameter to have the same
internal aspiration diameter, thus reducing the risk of bleeding and lesions for the patient, improving their recovery time.

The OPU Needles are available in diameters from 16 G to 21 G, the largest range available in the market, offering ideal options for
working with patients with low response in natural cycles, allowing follicular aspiration to be carried out without anesthetic using
the smallest diameter needle.