Embryo Transfer Catheters (ET)

Catheters designed to ease insertion, improve control and patient comfort to maximise implantation

Embryo transfer catheters spec. sheet

The Kitazato embryo transfer catheters are available either straight or precurved and in two lengths (18 and 23 cm)

The smooth malleable tip and guide with widened entrance for easy atraumatic insertion whilst maintaining its shape.

The superior smoothness and friction-free materials of the catheter provides improve comfort for the patient during the transfer.

The ergonomic handle allows for safe and precise handling during the whole process. Stylets are available for the whole range which molds and
provides rigidity to the guide in the most difficult transfers.

  • Large range of sizes
  • Variety of catheter types
  • Maximium control
  • Improved patient comfort
  • Easy Insertion