MM-94VM/MM-94BVM and MMO-4VM

Motorized Coarse Manipulator – Best Suited for IVF Procedure

This manipulator positions the pipette tip within the microscope field of view with the joystick control. Z-axis moves in high speed, twice as fast as X and Y, for quick exchange of the sample.
MM-94VM consists of one drive unit (manipulator) for right side, joystick controller and control unit.
MM-94BVM consists of one drive unit (manipulator) for left side and joystick controller. It shares the
control unit of the MM-94VM.

Accessories included Power cord, Hex wrench
Movement range Coarse X22 mm, Y22 mm, Z22 mm
Driving speed (X,Y) 1.4 mm/s, (Z) 2.8 mm/s (with use of high-speed button) Speed adjusting switch (at maximum) 0.7 mm/s, Speed adjusting switch (at minimum) 0.1 mm/s, (Z) 0.2 mm/s(Z)1.4 mm/s
Working voltage AC100V – AC240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 10W
Dimensions/Weight Control unit* W 204 × D 135 × H 62 mm, 1.05 kg
Drive unit W 85 × D 112 × H 144 mm, 0.59 kg, Connecting cable (1.2m)
Controller W 70 × D 100 × H 120 mm, 0.53 kg, Connecting cable (1.2m)

* Control unit is not included in MM-94BVM.

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