HE SeriesThe HE series liquid nitrogen vessels exhibit very low heat leakage and so have  low liquid nitrogen usage rates. This low liquid nitrogen usage allows for a total static hold time of up to 6 months at full liquid capacity.

With over 90% coverage of high insulated vacuum, the HE units can show LN2 cost savings of up to 70% compared to storage units of equivalent capacity.




  • Benefits +

    • Convenient with easy sample access
    • Single sample retrieval point is ergonomic: no reaching and stretching
    • Liquid reservoir below the sample platform can maintain temperature for more than 20 days in vapour use
    • Efficient thermal design gives high system surface area enclosed by vacuum
    • LN2 cost savings of up to 70% compared to standard storage units of equivalent capacity are possible
    • No extra aids required to lower and maintain temperature - as with some standard tanks
    • The HE Series achieves a very low running cost/sample
  • Features +

    • Offset neck design to maintain -150°C in vapor storage and provide low liquid nitrogen consumption with standard racks
    • Durable metal lid - designed for longer life
    • Rotating interior tray provides easy access to cryo biological samples
    • Low maintenance, all-stainless steel construction
    • Annular filling lines reduces frost and ice formation near lid
    • Tough, durable casters
    • Step-up platform available

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