Sperm Selection Kit (SSK)

For distribution in the UK only

Find the fittest - MACS® ART Annexin V System

Easy, fast, and specific depletion of unwanted apoptotic spermatozoa

• Improve quality of sperm preparations
• Obtain desired population within 30 minutes
• Proven technology for optimal results

Improve the quality of spermatozoa preparations Be specific, be successful The presence of apoptotic cells in sperm preparations for assisted reproduction is known to decrease specimen quality. Unfortunately, commonly used techniques for preparing sperm may not remove apoptotic spermatozoa with the required specificity. That’s why the MACS® ART Annexin V System was designed to selectively remove apoptotic spermatozoa from sperm preparations. Even early apoptotic spermatozoa with an intact cellular membrane are efficiently depleted, to yield spermatozoa fractions for use in subsequent operations in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Select only the highest quality for your next sperm preparation.