Cell-Tek 3000 AS provides optimum conditions and the ability to manipulate oocytes and embryos at a comfortable stereo microscope magnification, then move without compromise of temperature, CO2 or humidity, to a high power optical system for embryo assessment. The new stereo illumination allows observation of cells and tissue as never before. The integrated dual LEDs allow observation of the embryo by white or IR-light (625 nm) similar to that utilised in “time lapse imaging”. The inbuilt mirror for the stereo microscope can be adjusted by motorised control. The dish can be safely moved from the stereo low power microscope position across the stage within the chamber to the high power imaging microscope without moving from the perfectly controlled environment.



  • All surfaces in the chamber are uniformly warmed and accurately heated through air circulation. No independent heated surfaces, minimising calibration and varied surface temperatures.
  • The air is continually circulated passing through a large HEPA and Carbon filter that achieves clean room environment.
  • The integrated VOC (volatile organic compound) module using UV Photocatalytic technology removes volatiles down to the low PPB values and provides assurance against negative embryo development due to ambient volatiles.
  • The convenient fold down touch pad screen gives a simple control and display of all parameters. Temperature-CO2 gas concentration-Relative Humidity (%RH).
  • Continual refreshed graphic display of all controlled parameters and the facility to download all values (CSV) to memory stick via USB for quality assurance purposes.
  • Simple calibration via touch screen for temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity (RH) against reference instruments.
  • Continually variable motorised adjustment of eyepiece height for seated or standing observation and 4 programmable pre-set height positions.
  • Horizontal sliding arm ports to simplify access to microscope and dishes/tubes within the chamber.


The resulting benefits are:

  • No compromise to the tissue by moving it to another workplace/microscope outside the safe Cell-Tek environment
  • Minimises the risk of accidents moving the specimen from workplace to workplace
  • Less time used compared to traditional inverted microscopes with manipulators designed for ICSI


Cell-Tek 3000 AS imaging components:

  • Stereo microscope with zoom magnification 12 x to 96X for pick-up or transfer procedures.
  • Viewing via ergonomic tilting eyepieces and simultaneous 10” LCD screen.
  • Microscope base with motorised tilting mirror
  • LED variable illumination
  • Inverted microscope with 200X and 400X magnification for detailed embryo assessment in PC screen
  • High resolution camera with image capture.
  • Surface Pro PC allows direct imaging from the high magnification microscope by image capture software.

The dish/specimen can be safely moved from the stereo low power microscope position across the stage within the chamber to the high power imaging microscope without moving it from the perfectly controlled environment. A further benefit is when networking the imaging PC, patient databases can be opened and images inserted directly via the at the Cell-Tek 3000AS.

Please review our Cell-Tek Options and Accessories section for a wide range of inclusions and useful additions to the range.

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