This first for India was achieved when a 29 year old woman, whose identity was kept secret, gave birth to a 2.5 kg boy at the G. G. Hospital in Chennai, India on August 27th 2008. The delivery was by Caesarian section, the new born was moved to a nursery ward for observation and his condition later was stated as stable.

Doctors Priya Selvaraj and Kamala Selvaraj, renowned locally in the field of assisted reproductive technology, pioneered the first pregnancy in India resulting from a controlled rate frozen oocyte. The woman in question had a chromosomal abnormality, which rendered any pregnancy unstable but needed only a donor egg to realize her dream of having a baby.

The gynaecologists, who jointly performed the procedure, said that whilst many babies had been born from frozen embryos, '' … this was for the first time in India that a woman gave birth using a frozen oocyte.''

Dr Kamala added ''In this particular case, the mother had previously conceived an abnormal baby and also gone through a miscarriage earlier. We helped her have a baby with this new technology called oocyte Cryopreservation.'' In these cases eggs, rather than embryos, are frozen for the necessary period of time donated by other women who for those in need. ''Cryopreservation involves a slow freezing process using a cryofreezer and the eggs are then plunged into liquid nitrogen at minus 196 deg centigrade. As and when required, the eggs are brought back to normal temperature and the sperm is injected into the egg to form the embryo,'' Dr Priya Selvaraj said. The Selvarajs used a Planer Kryo 360-1.7 supplied by Indus Instruments.

Dr Kamala said this technology would benefit young women diagnosed with blood cancer and those who wish to postpone childbirth. ''Till this date it has been possible only to freeze sperm in the semen banks, but going a step ahead, the GG Hospitals is planning to set up an egg bank,'' she added.


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