Professor Christiani Amorim (pictured here) and Professor Marie-Madeleine Dolmans will be presenting a hands on workshop and course on the cryopreservation and transplantation of human ovarian tissue as well as preantral follicle isolation and in vitro culture. The team at Louvain have pioneered ovarian tissue transplants in humans.

Christiani started life with a degree in veterinary medicine and after her PhD has worked on preantral follicles. Initially, she focused on domestic animals, developing projects to safeguard native breeds from Brazil and then in Italy through the establishment of cryopreservation programmes for isolated follicles and ovarian tissue. Since 2007 she has been working with human preantral follicles and with a major emphasis on human follicle isolation, cryopreservation, in-vitro culture and xenotransplantation. She is a leading authority on ovarian tissue and its transplantation for women.

The course will take place on June 29-30, 2016 at the Gynecology Research Unit,  Saint-Luc Hospital, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium.

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Cattle production in France is important and so is selective breeding - shown by the fact that in 20014/15 members of the Allice cooperatives performed over seven million artificial bovine inseminations.  The conditions for such bovine embryo growth are clearly important and a recent study initiated by Distributor IMV Technologies shows why. The study was carried out by Allice, the umbrella organisation for animal reproduction organisations in France.  The purpose of their study was to compare the potential for developing bovine embryos in two different incubators: the Planer BT37 and a standard large 'big box' incubator.

The in-vitro production of bovine embryos is a complex process requiring control over all stages of production of the embryo. These stages start with the collection of ovocytes in donor females followed by maturation, fertilisation and the growth of embryos to blastocyst stage. The comparative study showed that the frequency of development into blastocyst after 7 or 8 days of culture is not altered by whatever incubator was used but, however, the quality of blastocysts was significantly higher for embryos grown in the Planer BT37 incubator. The report says that the improvement in the quality of the embryos produced in vitro should allow improved gestation rates after transfer of fresh  embryos or after freezing and direct transfer.  In conclusion, in experimental conditions, the Allice scientists concluded that the in-vitro culture of bovine embryos in the Planer incubator improved the quality of embryos produced in relation to embryo culture in a standard incubator.

Allice is the well respected body of regional farming cooperatives established sixty years ago to coordinate the interests of the parties making up animal breeding in France. It represents and promotes the cattle, sheep and goat insemination producers in Europe and internationally and conducts research programmes into improving techniques in reproduction physiology and animal genetic selection.

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GENERA is one of the leading Italian assisted conception laboratory groups. With bases in Rome, Naples, Umbria and Venice it is respected around the world and offers diagnoses and therapy for sub-fertile couples. These include the collection, processing and cryopreservation of gametes and embryos. In a recent interview on Italian television Dr. Laura Rienzi of the 'Forum' news programme discussed freezing technique with news anchor Barbara Palombelli.

The film shows Genera's well equipped laboratory area for embryology, andrology and cryo-preservation – and includes their Planer DATAcentre monitoring system which was installed by the IVF specialist supplier Biocare. Here it was important that dewars were monitored, so in this case the system monitors temperature, but sensors for humidity, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen level, oxygen, fridge door status etc. can be added. Genera chose the system for their cryo-bank to monitor and alarm all of their critical equipment and samples with the aim of making sure everything works to the highest standards. The DATAcentre system can monitor their valuable samples 24/7 and so helps to resolve any issue before it escalates. Up to 120 transmitters, including a mixture of wireless and hard wired sensors, can be connected.

One of the advantages of the Planer system is that data can be viewed in real time in either graphical or text format and any alarms can be acknowledged and managed via a connected PC or to the LAN port in a building if that is chosen. This allows remote access to the unit via a web browser; either locally or anywhere in the world. Using a web browser users can connect to the Base Centre to have an overview of how the system is operating with links to all other functions. Planer have installations of DATAcentres around the world and are extremely pleased with the association of Biocare Europe and Genera.

You can learn more on the DATAcentre at
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The 6th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction
8th-10th April 2016

Aspire 2016 will take place in the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta. The Congress is aimed at clinicians, researchers, academics, nurses, and other allied health professionals with interest in reproductive medicine and fertility from Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

This year’s scientific programme includes an interesting mix of thought-provoking presentations

  • Selecting the best embryo: Morphokinetic assessment, time-lapse imaging

    Markus Montag
  • Ovarian tissue cryopreservation
    Nao Suzuki
  • Immature testicular engineering in vivo for prepubertal fertility preservation
    Chi-Huang Chen
  • Testicular sperm aspiration and tissue freezing
    Ju Tae Seo
  • Update of vitrification including collapsing of embryo

    Hyunjung Jade Lim
  • Slow freezing versus vitrification + social egg freezing

    Shee Uan Chen 

The Planer team will be exhibiting at Aspire. If you are attending the conference, please do drop by our stand to find out more about our range of programmable freezers, benchtop incubators and laboratory monitoring equipment.

We are pleased to announce the recent opening of our newly refurbished Sunbury training and demonstration facility at the Windmill Road factory.

The new facility provides Planer with state of the art, interactive professional training facilities for both sales and technical training with fully functional demonstration equipment setup to allow hands on real life experience during training or to bring customers to the site to see a fully functioning lab.

Alan Boother Head of Technical Services, at Planer commented, “This new facility provides the opportunity for us to develop our training offering and expand the knowledge of both the sales and technical service teams of our network of distributors and customers”.

The facility has quickly been put to use, hosting the recent technical service training for the full range of Planer products. The feedback from one of the attendees at the recent training was “The new training room was excellent allowing us the opportunity to see the full range of Planer equipment in use and learn how we can support our customers with improved service. I would like to thank all the staff at Planer for the warm welcome, and the fish and chips”.

The 13th Transgenic Technology Meeting will be taking place from the 20th to 23rd March 2016 in the beautiful city of Prague, recognised as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The programme for this year’s meeting will include the classic topics presented in previous meetings, such as the generation, analysis and application of transgenic models, advances and applications in genome editing and manipulation, and important issues regarding animal ethics and welfare.

In addition, there will be three practical training courses:-

  • Programmable nuclease application in mouse transgenesis,
  • Mouse cryopreservation
  • Zebrafish genome editing

Planer will be exhibiting at this year’s meeting. Please come and see us if you would like to find out more about our range of products:-

For further information about the 13th Transgenic Technology Meeting

Planer are pleased to announce a UK sales agreement with Lifestart Solutions Ltd who will be supporting our full product range in the UK life science market.

Lifestart Solutions was founded by Jamie Bennet, who has worked with Planer before, and who has over 30 years experience in sales, service and support to the life science industries.

With our experience and expertise manufacturing and supplying a wide range of cryogenic equipment, benchtop incubators, alarms, monitoring and sensors, coupled with Lifestart Solution's extensive knowledge, we can help our customers provide the ideal environment for their cells.

Geoffrey Planer, Director of Planer plc, said " It's great to be working with Jamie again and we wish him the very best in his new venture."

 Jamie Bennet adds " I have missed being in close contact with UK customers so I'm really looking forward to engaging with previous contacts and helping them once more."

Planer's range of products for UK life science labs will be supported by Jamie, who has the experience to answer questions on:-

  • Controlled rate freezers
  • Benchtop incubators
  • Laboratory alarms and monitoring
  • Cryo storage vessels and Inventory and systems
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Safety accessories (gloves, aprons, face shields)
  • Oxygen deficiency monitors

For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Viability and Potency of post thaw cells is becoming an increasingly relevant topic in areas such as in vitro drug screening and cell therapies. A new article comparing these two parameters - in a passive cryo container and a controlled rate freezer (Planer Kryo) - has just been published in BioProcess magazine.

The article was written by Dr Tamara Lekishvili of LGC, the UK National Measurement Institute for chemical and biological metrology, and Dr Marc-Olivier Baradez from the Cell Therapy Catapult, a recent government initiative aiming to become a global leader in the development, delivery and commercialisation of cell therapy. The Cell Therapy Catapult recently bought a freezer from us for their base at Guys Hospital in London for stem cell banks and cell product freezing.

The Cell Therapy Catapult aims to accelerate translational innovations in the fast growing field of cell and gene therapies with projects that range from platform development for scaling up cell production for clinical trials to building a state-of-the-art manufacturing centre allowing UK and worldwide companies to plan for their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing base in Europe

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