Visit Planer on Stand 64 at Fertility 2013 on 3-5th January 2013 at the ACC in Liverpool! We will be focusing on our new Gas Mixer for Benchtop Incubators, Hand-held Fertility 2013Temperature Meter, DATAcentre Monitoring & Alarm System for everything in the IVF Lab, Controlled Rate Freezer and ShipsLog Temperature Data Logger for Vapour Shippers. You can find more information at the show here: 2013

Cryogenics - But not as we know itWay back in 1972, Dr Malcolm Green (an academic at Oxford University and now Professor) contacted Planer about purchasing an electron beam furnace for a rather unusual application. The idea was to use vapourised metals, especially refractory ones such as titanium and tungsten, as reagents to make novel chemical compounds by condensing the vapour of the metal with that of an organic compound. This might be done by co-condensing the constituents on the wall of a rotating liquid nitrogen cooled reactor.

This new technique was termed Metal Vapour Synthesis, and marked the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between Oxford and Planer. A PhD student  - Dennis Young - was jointly funded by Planer and the UK's Science Research Council under the CASE Scheme and - with Planer's Peter Norgate - built an apparatus for doing these experiments. He successfully made the highly novel organometallic sandwich compound bis(benzene)titanium for the very first time. The apparatus was then commercialised by Planer (shown above) and quite a number of units were sold to academics and industry worldwide.

A subsequent CASE student - Geoff Cloke - again working with Malcolm and Peter, significantly refined the technique and the apparatus to increase both the scale on which reactions could be performed and the range of metals which could be used, including highly refractory elements such as tantalum and tungsten. A second generation of commercial machines, based on this design, was then developed by Planer in the mid 1980s with sales in India, Japan, Russia , Germany and several in the USA. Geoff Cloke is now a Professor at the University of Sussex (and an FRS) and still uses the technique to this day, employing a "home-built" version (shown on the right) of the Planer equipment, to synthesise, amongst other things, organometallic precursors for the deposition of thin films by  metal organic chemical vapour deposition. Cryogenics - But not as we know it

The technique has been used to  make new classes of chemical compound which are inaccessible by other methods, and which challenge the accepted limits of chemical bonding. The resulting compounds could be used in areas such as catalysis, micro electronics and are of great academic interest.


Planer solutions used at State-of-the-Art training FacilityPlaner, leading manufacturer of environmental control and monitoring solutions for life sciences, is pleased to announce the inclusion of their pioneering controlled rate freezers and benchtop incubators at the new Origio  “IVF” Training Laboratory in Måløv, Denmark.

This recently opened prestige facility at Origio's headquarters includes a fully equipped, functioning laboratory dedicated to providing training for the latest techniques in assisted reproduction technology (ART). Demonstrations of the new instrumentation and seminars on best practice techniques are given there. Using bovine materials, Origio's Training Laboratory provides a rare opportunity for scientists to gain hands on experience for a wide variety of ART applications.

Included in the array of state of the art reagents and equipment used is the Planer BT-37 benchtop incubator. Since the product's introduction in 2009, in has been installed in some 500 in vitro fertilisation laboratories around the world. Offering unparalleled environmental control and stability to enable embryo growth, the BT-37 is becoming the incubator of choice for embryologists everywhere.

The Training Facility also includes the latest controlled rate freezer (CFR) from Planer. These types of machines have been used for 40 years for the cryopreservation of reproductive tissues and were used in the first successful frozen human embryo IVF procedure in 1984; they remain the most proven and established method for the cryopreservation of high value biological material.

Dave Morris, Sales Director of Planer comments “We are delighted that Origio have our equipment. They are established as a trusted vendor in the IVF market and we are more than happy that our best-in-class equipment is being used at a best-in-class Training Laboratory".

Transfusion and Transplantation ScienceWe were pleased to help out with information and photos for a new book of interest to current and future Biomedical Scientists - "Transfusion and Transplantation Science" edited by Robin Knight. Both transfusion and transplantation demand a broad understanding of immunology, haematology and genetics and the book presents the essential concepts in the practical framework of hospital banking and transplantation centres. The sections range through immunology, processing, blood components, leucocyte, platelet antigens and - of special interest to Planer users - will be the chapters by Robert Walters on Stem Cell Banking and Richard Lomas's on Tissue and Bone Banking. Planer are involved with the British Blood Service in a cartilage preservation programme at their Tissue Development Laboratory in Liverpool - which performs validations on existing grafts and processes and is involved in new tissue graft development.

The book is part of a series published by Oxford University press which aims to draw together basic science with insights into laboratory practice to show how the biology of disease is coupled to the  approaches that lead to diagnosis. There are case studies, full colour plates and an online resource centre which includes a fully interactive Digital Microscope with a range of cell and tissue images for examination. The text explains the aetiology behind the disciplines and outlines issues for practical consideration as well as quality, regulatory and legal concerns that all need to be considered when collecting, preparing, and storing products for transfusion or transplantation.


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