Narishige TAKANOME 4 axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic MicromanipulatorPlaner are pleased to announce that the Narishige range of micromanipulators and microinjectors are now available from Planer in the UK.

The Narishige high-precision micromanipulators are used by IVF specialists worldwide for in vitro fertilisation procedures including ICSI and biopsy. Committed to making micromanipulation as easy and accurate as possible, Narishige offers a wide range of products including microscope adaptors and complementary accessories. The Narishige range includes the TAKANOME™ and SETAGAYA Micromanipulators and pneumatic or oil Injectors.

TAKANOME™ 4 axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

This an optimal manipulator designed specifically for handling suspension cells. The Takanome™ micromanipulator provides:-

  • Quick and simple pipette setting
  • Innovative pipette angle adjustment centred at the tip to stay in view
  • Simple and reliable motion from Home to Working position for quick and easy sample dish change
  • Simple installation
  • Narishige’s original smooth hydraulic operation

SETAGAYA 3 axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

The Setagaya micromanipulator features an oil hydraulic joystick enabling smooth three-dimensional movement with a single lever. Can be used in conjunction with either a manual or motorised manipulator.

Pneumatic Injector

The Narishige Pneumatic Injector provides a smooth and comfortable pneumatic control for both injecting and holding sides of a micro sample, with high precision and operability comparable to oil hydraulic injectors. The microinjector enables both coarse and fine movement operation. The introduction of a long syringe with a coarse-fine coaxial control knob helps achieve a wide range of pressure changeability.

Oil Injector

This quick response microinjector uses oil as mediator transmitting pressure suitable for procedures such as sperm injection and holding of an oocyte. This compact designed injector comes equipped with advanced functions that makes easier to fill oil and remove air-bubbles.

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