Planer is delighted to now be the UK distributor for ZANDAIR™ Air Purification Systems from Hamilton Thorne. The range includes three main products: an air purification unit for ART laboratories, an air purification unit for pathology laboratories and an extremely efficient in-duct medical laboratory purification system.

 A laboratory’s results as well as on the health of laboratory workers can be directly affected by air pollutants, dust particles, mould spores, dander, pollen, dust mites, cleaning chemicals, volatile organic compounds, chemically active compounds, aldehydes, carcinogenic materials, carbon monoxide, viruses and bacteria. The ZANDAIR™ Air Purification Systems are designed to effectively filtrate these from the air in laboratories. 

Air purification units for ART & pathology laboratories

The 100C air purification unit is suitable for ART laboratories and whilst the 100P air purification unit is designed the meet the rigorous demands of pathology laboratories. Both units incorporate a four-step process:-

  • Adsorb toxic chemicals and gases
  • Higher adsorption of volatile organic compounds and chemically active compounds (100P) or removal of micro-particles with hospital grade HEPA filter (100C)
  • Photo-catalytic oxidation to destroy toxic chemicals and eliminate odours from the air
  • Ultra-violet light


In-duct purification system for superior air quality in medical laboratories

The PCOC™3 is the ultimate fixed system for highly efficient air purification in medical laboratories and other facilities which have extreme demands on superior air quality. The units are fitted directly into your ventilation system.

PHOTO-CATALYTIC OXIDIZING (PCO) technology converts and neutralizes volatile organic compounds, odours, fumes, and toxic chemicals to benign water and carbon dioxide by-products. 

The efficiency of the process is increased by placing three PCO chambers sequentially in a single frame which increases the ‘dwelling time’ of the airstream through the PCOC™3 equipment. 

If you would like to find out more about the ZANDAIR™ Air Purification Systems, please get in touch with the Planer team.

For further information
ZANDAIR™ 100C Air purification unit for ART
ZANDAIR™ 100P Air Purification Unit for Pathology
ZANDAIR™ PCOC™3 Air Purification Unit


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